Facility Needs & Conceptual Design

  • Develop a conceptual program and prioritize client needs.
  • Research applicable Federal, State, and local codes, regulations, and ordinance compliance.
  • Prepare a site analysis and conceptual site design.

Preliminary Design

  • Develop and refine floor plans.
  • Develop the exterior building elevations.
  • Prepare documents for presentation to client.

Land Planning

  • Analyze provided site constraints and review existing site features.
  • Develop masterplan to include building layouts as well as vehicular/pedestrian circulation.
  • Coordinate with civil engineer to determine Land Use Requirements.

Site Plan Approval

  • Prepare architectural presentation documents for submission to appropriate Board.
  • Provide professionally prepared hand or 3D computer renderings.
  • Coordinate documentation with civil engineering firm.

Design Development

  • Further develop and refine the floor plans and elevations.
  • Develop building sections.
  • Analyze mechanical, electrical, and structural systems.
  • Prepare detailed estimated construction costs.

Construction Documents

  • Prepare construction documents including the following information:
  • Working drawings with information sufficient for solicitation of bid proposals and construction.
  • Specification information supplementary to the working drawings.
  • Bidding documents with information such as instructions to bidders, forms of contracts, bonding requirements, and general conditions.
  • Updated construction project estimates.

Construction Administration

  • Analyze bid proposals and make recommendations for contract award.
  • Assist contractors and interpret the Contract Documents.
  • Review of Contractor's Application of Payment
  • Review contractors' submittals, samples and shop drawings for work specified by our documents.
  • Assist in project close-out and gathering of all required close-out documentation.
Design Build.jpg

Design / Build

  • Provide a single contract throughout the entire project.
  • Maintain and control quality through the construction process.
  • Ability to maintain a close eye on the client's budget concerns.