Six Flags Great Adventure

Jackson, NJ

Sonnenfeld + Trocchia worked with Six Flags Great Adventure on multiple roller coasters at some of their various locations.

Batman Stunt Show: This 2500-seat stadium is designed to take advantage of the sloping hillside into which the stadium is built.  Minimizing the roof structure allows every guest the clearest line of sight possible. To that end a light-weight metal roof and support system was designed with only a few thin metal columns necessary to shield the entire audience from the elements.

Superman Roller Coaster: This DC Comics Superman ride was on the tallest in the world at its opening in 1999 with a drop of 205 feet. The loading station is designed to mimic the angular and crystalline structure of Superman’s Antarctic “Fortress of Solitude”.  These angular structures also serve to support the roof of the station and the adjacent queue lines.

Green Lantern Roller Coaster: The Green Lantern, a stand-up style steel coaster based off the DC Comic, treats quests to 4,200 feet of twisting yellow and green track.  In addition to the loading station, a pre-engineered maintenance building was constructed nearby which required the design of a new outer skin and support system to shield the work inside from the elements.