DSN Community Center

Deal, NJ

DSN Community Center was planned to provide a healthy, social environment for youth, teens, and adults through its fitness, educational, recreational, and sports programs. This 30,000-square-foot facility promotes the values of community and leadership to Deal residents.

Sonnenfeld + Trocchia designed this center, the lifeblood of the Deal community, which was constructed in 2014. Our challenge was to renovate a former supermarket into a community center that offered all the desired spaces within the existing footprint. That included a full-size basketball court, fitness facility, food court, game rooms, classrooms, and childcare center.

We added a mezzanine level to make the most of the square footage and exposed the roof structure and incorporated a floating acoustical cloud ceiling tile system to give the space a recreational feel. The Deal Sephardic Network awarded Sonnenfeld + Trocchia a Community Foundation Award for this innovative and aesthetically pleasing project.